Vagrant : Several issues I ran into

by Christophe DOUY

23 February 2016 · 213 words · 1 minute read vagrant 

Lost association with VM (VirtualBox) :

Running vagrant up isn’t bringing up a previously created VM but is creating a new one.

vagrant status reports that no vm is created yet, while VirtualBox shows it still exists.

Solution : A great post about this issue is the one from mobmad:

First, get the hash of your vm with the following command : VBoxManage list vms

If VBoxManage is not in your path, it should be something like C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe

Then get back to the root of your project and run the following echo -n "insert-hash-to-vm-here" > .vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox/id

and there you go, you can vagrant up again and find your good old vm.

Saved me a few hours from installing huge databases :)

SSH issue on vagrant up : Error: Connection timeout. Retrying...

Get your ssh key ( ~/.ssh/id_rsa usually ) Copy it into a new insecure_private_key file placed in your vagrant install directory (something like C:\Users\*username*\.vagrant.d\insecure_private_key)

Log in your vm (vagrant ssh will still ask for a password at this step) , create an authorized-keys file in ~/.ssh and copy your into it. Double check it’s correctly copied (your key should be one line, check with wc -l)

log out, try to log back in, it should ssh just fine :)